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The housing market: expat rentals in Holland's capital city
Though not small, Amsterdam is a surprisingly compact city. One of its key attractions is just how easy it is to walk or cycle around the centre. The Dutch capital and its outlying neighbourhoods are a magnet for creative businesses and the driving force for expat rentals. Visitors to the city are served by the nearby airport at Schiphol, an international hub located just twenty minutes away by swift and convenient trains direct from the central station.  The area known as the Canal Ring (Grachtengordel in Dutch) is the famous 17th-century district that encompasses the old centre of Amsterdam. The whole district is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique cultural and historical value. Consequently, its property values are among the highest in the country. Those visitors and potential residents who venture off the beaten track of the main streets will soon find terraces of stylish residential townhouses in the neat network of streets and canals. Here, the rental sector is popular; four out of ten Dutch households rent their home and demand tends to outstrip supply. This means that for social housing at controlled rents there is a waiting list, which can run from three to ten years and thus favours local people or long-term residents. 

Tips for expats looking for rental property in Amsterdam
Lately, there have been reports of concerned expats avoiding the center of Amsterdam, due to housing costs and a shortage of international schools. This bottleneck has certainly had an effect on business recruitment over recent years; a number of leading local employers have mentioned difficulties in attracting staff. This challenge to the forward-thinking and cosmopolitan city has led the council to act. According to local government economic affairs spokesperson Kajsa Ollongren, Amsterdam will see some 50,000 new homes built before 2025. There are also plans to create an additional 1,500 places for children at international schools within the city during the next four years. Rental fees in the centre of Amsterdam are the highest in Holland; currently, the free market property rental sector in Amsterdam relates to those properties which command rental fees of over €699 per month. Rental agreements should also specify whether additional costs such as heating or electricity are included. As is typical, many properties ask for a deposit payment equivalent to two months rent, in addition to the first month's rental payment in advance. An entry level or relatively basic apartment in Amsterdam can cost around €740 per month. However, larger properties or those which are located in a desirable area can command mid-price market rentals that are typically in excess of €2,000. 
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